Virginia Bird Survey Database

Virginia has a rich legacy of surveys and monitoring of its avian heritage. Unless it is well-documented, however, it is easy for past work to be forgotten. Likewise, it is challenging to communicate to all partners what work is currently taking place in order to more effectively coordinate avian survey and monitoring projects in the Commonwealth. Information on the who, what, why, when, where and how of past and ongoing projects is also critical to 1) evaluating our current state of avian knowledge; 2) assessing how effectively current survey and monitoring programs address our avian information needs; and 3) incorporating all of these pieces into a larger conservation strategy. The Virginia Bird Survey Database provides a means to catalog past and ongoing avian projects in a centralized location. The Database is a constant work in progress which will be updated periodically as information on new and existing projects becomes available. Partners are encouraged to contact the VABCI coordinator with information on projects that are not yet listed in the database. If possible, please use the database as a template in providing this information.

This first iteration of the database contains information on surveys coordinated by the Virginia IBA Program and a representative sample of surveys coordinated, implemented or funded by the VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

To search the database, use CTRL-F and type in your search term.


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