About Us

VABCI Mission

Bird conservation in Virginia has a long history of productivity, having been implemented by diverse organizations with a stake in the conservation of our natural resources. In many cases, geographic and project-based partnerships have been critical to the successful delivery of avian conservation within the state. What has been lacking is a unifying vision to effectively organize the various pieces of the bird conservation puzzle into a clear and cohesive picture. As a science-driven, partner-based initiative with the goal of delivering all-bird conservation within Virginia and across state borders, VABCI works to:

  • tie past, current and future avian conservation actions into a meaningful whole that is geared toward the accomplishment of mutually-agreed upon, clearly defined goals and objectives
  • link local avian conservation actions being implemented in Virginia to statewide, regional, national and international conservation actions and objectives
  • create permanent partnerships that will facilitate information exchange and that will enable a synergistic approach to tackling the conservation challenges faced by Virginia's avifauna

Priority bird species addressed by VABCI are those identified as Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the Virginia Wildlife Action Plan. For a list of these species, click here (PDF).

Bald Eagle banner image provided by Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries